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Learn Quran and teach to your children.

Why you choose us ?

When you will join our academy and become our student then this is our responsibility to take care of yourself and learn the Quran properly. The expert professor of our academy will teach you to step by step. Slowly you will go to the highest level of the Quran. We will teach you the Quran with tajweed. You will pronounce the Quran properly.

We will always teach you in your selected timing. You can fully rely on our team because we will teach you under the guidance of your parents. We will give you trial classes. Learn Quran with tajweed word to word. The female teachers are provided to you for your children and for your kids.

We can be designed the schedule to learn Quran for you according to the ability of students. We can start your learning from Norani Qaida if you are a beginner or a child. This is the best step to learn Quran by Norani Qaida. The teachers will teach you that how you can pronounce the word accurately on the very 1st day of your class so you can easily learn the Quran with tajweed in the future.

What courses we will provide you step by step?

· Norani Qaida learning

· Quran proper reading

· Reading the Quran with tajweed

· Advance tajweed

· Read the Quran with translation

· Read the Quran with Tafseer

· Quran memorization (Quran Hifz )

· Learn kalamas

· Learn proper Salah

· Learn Hadith

· Some special Dua's

· Give wado class

We provide you female and male both teachers for the safety. Both teachers are perfectly teaching you according to your age. We will provide female teachers with female students of all ages. Same as provide a male teacher for the male students.

We will teach you Quran memorization lessons. You will learn Quran memorization with this unique opportunity. It is very easy for you to learn it by sitting at your home. There is no matter that you are young or a child but yes it is difficult for an old person to learn Quran memorization.

We are really inspired by those people who live in the USA and UK or teach his/her children Quran. But most of the people do jobs and they have no time to deliver their children in any academy where their children will learn Quran so for that purpose, we open this academy for you.

You get to benefit from our academy and admit your children here and you also learn from here. We just need your time and will teach you properly. Your payment will deliver to us safely via the bank. The fee is not high. Just check the trial classes and see what we teach you. Hopefully, you will be satisfied with our classes and learn with us properly.

So, we will wait for you. You will get many benefits from us so don't waste your time and learn Quran from us. Don't be late for next. Hurry up and be registered in our academy..

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